Cost effective cavity wall insulation

Heat loss through the walls of properties, particularly older houses, can account for up to a third of your heat loss.

Cavity wall insulation is a maintenance free, permanent home improvement solution – once it’s in, you’ll feel the warmth benefits straight away, and start recouping the cost of installation by burning less fuel.

The filling material is applied in holes drilled into the walls, the holes are then concealed with matching mortar.

At Absolute Insulation we offer a choice of quality insulation materials sourced from leading manufacturers. Choose from budget option Mineral Fibre, mid range Polypearl or the advanced Thermobead insulation. The job normally takes just a few hours for average sized homes.

Cavity wall insulation:

  • Mineral fibre cavity wall insulation – from just £0
  • Polybead insulation – from £149
  • New! Therma Bead insulation – from £249
  • Installation by fully trained specialists approved by the BBA
  • Reduce your heating bills
  • Improves your home’s energy efficiency rating