External solid wall insulation

Heat loss is a common problem in solid wall properties, leading to increased CO2 emissions and high energy costs.
External wall insulation (EWI) will significantly reduce this problem. In an average semi-detached home, it will potentially save over £440 per year in energy costs and almost 2 tonnes of CO2 (source Energy Saving Trust).

The majority of houses constructed pre-1930, and some constructed years later, are of solid wall construction. More recently-built properties are typically of cavity wall construction, whereby the cavity itself acts as a thermal barrier, and can also house a layer of insulating material. However, there is a way to insulate solid wall properties and avoid unnecessary energy loss. External wall insulation (EWI) is the most effective way to insulate solid wall buildings, and can actually be installed either internally or externally to suit the property, its owner and occupants.

The design and installation of external wall insulation should only be undertaken by competent contractors. Eclipse Renewable Energy are on hand to help you in the assessment, design and installation using high-quality and certified EWI materials and components.